Lvivske 1715 Beer (Ukraine) LCBO# 248138  Find Store or Order Online

Lvivske was Ukraine's first beer, established in 1715.  Three centuries of tradition combined with the most modern equipment make Lvivske a thoroughly authentic, world-class brew.  Bavarian Purity Act.  All natural.  No preservatives.



TYPE: Premium Lager
COUNTRY: Ukraine
AREA: Lviv

ALC./VOL.: 5.2%
SIZE: 500 ml
LCBO #: 248138

The brewery is located in Lviv, in western Ukraine – the ancestral region of most Ukrainian Canadians, so it holds a special place in their hearts.  The brewery is almost three centuries old, making it one of the most historic in Europe and the first brewery in Ukraine.

Lvivske had a great reputation as the best beer in the USSR, during Soviet times.  Its “fresh” beer was renowned and people would travel to Lviv just to get it!

Tasting Note: Classic, golden pilsner colour with a distinct hops aroma and a full lasting head.  Very balanced malt and hops flavour from start to finish.