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Domaine Pinnacle is a family-owned orchard and cidery located on the southern slopes of Pinnacle Mountain in the Eastern Township of Québec. We are dedicated to producing the world’s finest ice cider. Made from an exclusive blend of 6 different varieties of apples, Pinnacle Ice Cider can be enjoyed equally well as an aperitif, a dessert wine, or with a variety of foods. Ideal summer growing conditions and frigid Québec winters join forces to create this opulent and delightful nectar unlike anything else you’ve tasted before.

 Domaine Pinnacle Large  

TYPE: Dessert Wine
COUNTRY: Quebec, Canada
GRAPES: Blend of 6 varieties of apples

ALC./VOL.: 12%
SIZE: 375 ml
LCBO #: 94094

TASTING NOTES:  Opulent, intense and complexly flavoured; evocative of fine icewines or Sauternes. Its sweetness is exquisitely balanced by acidity and it is clean on the finish.
Try it with fruit-based desserts!