Confucius Family Liquor Ceramic Bottled (China) LCBO# 410746 Locate

The Confucius Family Liquor is from the hometown of Confucius. It has a history over 2000 years and was considered so precious that it was only served to Emperors. The Ceramics Bottled series is a high quality distilled grain spirit packed in a traditional liquor jug.
Confucius Family Liquor 

TYPE: Baijiu
AREA: Shandong Province
INGREDIENTS: Wheat, Barley, Sorghum, Water
, Peas

ALC./VOL.: 39%
SIZE: 500 ml
LCBO #: 410746

A soft gentle spirit with a muted aroma and pleasant fruitiness. Well suited to the Baijiu beginner, but just strong enough for the seasoned drinker.


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