Kweichow Moutai Yingbin Chiew (China) LCBO# 498030  Locate

Generations and generations of families have passed down the secrets of its highly intricate production methods, which has earned it the reputation as China's best quality and most fascinating spirit. People who work to produce Moutai usually spend their whole lives perfecting their craft.
Moutai Yingbin Chiew LCBO498030 43 alc Vintages 

TYPE: Baijiu
AREA: Guizhou Province
INGREDIENTS: Wheat, High Quality Sorghum, Water

ALC./VOL.: 53%
SIZE: 500 ml
LCBO #: 658459

Moutai Yingbin Chiew is brewed on the basis of the traditional technique of Moutai after a long-time of storage and careful blending. It is characterized by its outstanding elegance, coordination, purity, long-lasting aftertaste and fragrance.


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