Confucius Family Liquor Fu Cang 10 Year Old (China) LCBO# 405075  Locate

With the selected highgrade base liquor brewed with traditional techniques and stored in pottery jars for many years, this product is elaborately blended with natural spring water from Sainni Moutain. With the features of Luzhouflavour Chinese Liquor and elegant pit flavour accompanied by the sweet soft taste.
Confucius Family Liquor Fu Cang 10 Years 

TYPE: Baijiu
AREA: Shandong Province
INGREDIENTS: Wheat, Rice, Corn, Glutinous Rice, Sorghum, Water

ALC./VOL.: 52%
SIZE: 500 ml
LCBO #: 405075

The Fu Cang 10 Yr is the flagship product of the Confucius Family Liquor, made in the hometown of Confucius. It is a smooth Baijiu with aniseed notes on the nose and soft flavours of banana and toasted rice on the palate.


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