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Junction 56 is a craft distillery located in Stratford, Ontario, focused on creating a range of high quality products using locally grown ingredients. Owner Mike Heisz, an engineer from Stratford, opened the distillery in 2015 where, just four years earlier, he had attended a whisky tasting and his dream of opening a distillery began to take shape.

Corn and wheat are milled and distilled onsite to create unique spirits ranging in different flavour profiles that can be enjoyed in traditional or innovative cocktails. Currently, vodka, gin and moonshine (un-aged whiskey) are produced with plans of adding other products in the future.

Local heritage and history tie into the Junction 56 Distillery name: Junction was selected because of the building’s location next to the train tracks in Stratford, and 56 comes from the year (1856) when the railways first arrived in the city.


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TYPE: Moonshine (un-aged whiskey)
AREA: Stratford, Ontario

ALC./VOL.: 40%
SIZE: 750 ml
LCBO #: 452045




Junction 56 Moonshine is crafted following the recipes of traditional moonshiners, while leveraging modern distilling techniques that elevate this spirit to a new level. The 100% Canadian corn used ensures that the flavour profile is unique and bold. It is distilled like whiskey, however, it is not aged, which allows for a complex but smooth spirit.