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Handcrafted in small batches, Zirkova Together is a singular blend created for mixing into drinks and cocktails. Zirkova Together's proprietary recipe elevates the flavors with which it's combined to create superbly balanced cocktails. Quadruple distillation and the finest artesian spring water from the Zolotonosha source gives Zirkova its signature character: a mysterious finesse that enhances flavors rather than competing with them. While most vodkas give a sharp, sour edge to the beverages with which they are mixed, Zirkova Together's delightfully aromatic spirits and perfectly mineralized water interact with the mix, making the cocktail ingredients fuse and blossom. Zirkova earned a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a 93 in the Ultimate Beverage Challenge.



Together White   

TYPE: Vodka
COUNTRY: Ukraine

ALC./VOL.: 40%
SIZE: 750 ml 524546
LCBO #: 524546


Body: Extremely clear and pleasantly viscous; medium bodied and silky, supple and smooth with no rough edges.

Aroma: Delicate, clean, light, pure scents of anise and sweet cream with subtle spices and a hint of grain.

Taste: No burn. Welcome cool and cooling. Soft, round and plump with no bite. Vegetal nuance of green pepper, cucumber and citrus. Hints of vanilla twig and raw almond.

Finish: - Attractively clean...an integration of grain spirit with no bite or aftertaste.

The ideal vodka to elevate mixed drinks and cocktails. It is clear, medium-bodied, silky, supple and smooth with no rough edges. It has vegetal nuances of green pepper,cucmber and citrus with hints of vanilla twig and raw almond. The finish is clean with no bite or aftertaste.


Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Collection

93 pts, The Ultimate Beverage Challenge