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Made with the highest possible quality of spirits: 4 x distilled, 12 x filtered, centre cut, ultra-luxe spirits blend.  Slava is the only ultra-premium vodka under $40.  This is achieved due to the lower cost of the bottle.  Slava is an easier up-sell from the ordinary, since it is only $4 more than regular vodka.

Exceptionally smooth, velvety mouth-feel with a long pleasant finish, Slava was recently featured on CBC’s hit show: the Dragons’ Den. 



TYPE: Ultra Premium Vodka
COUNTRY: Ukraine
AREA: Cherkassy

ALC./VOL.: 40.0%
SIZE: 750 ml
LCBO #: 600585


REVIEWS: “Even at room temperature, this vodka impresses. It's incredibly smooth, with a bit of dryness. There is virtually no afterburn at room temp, and absolutely none from the freezer....It, unlike some other mass marketed "premium" brands is actually premium and deserves to wear that label.” -

“Slava…an ultra-premium vodka which tastes amazing on its own and, even better, is reasonably priced … distilled four times so doesn't burn on its way down your throat. As I keep my vodka in the freezer, I love that this triangular shaped bottle slips right in among my frozen peas!” -