Cellier Des Dauphins Prestige White Côtes du Rhône AC 250 ml (France) LCBO# 496349 Locate

From Cellier des Dauphins, producer of 'Carte Noire', Ontario's Number One selling Côtes du Rhône.

Prestige is the only wine available in single serving 250 ml. bottles, making it an ideal size for singles, seniors and chefs.  It is sold individually, as well as in magnum-equivalent six-packs.  Coming from the heart of the Côtes du Rhône region, the grapes are selected from over ten thousand hectares of vines.  From vineyard to bottle, the entire production process is overseen by Cellier des Dauphins to ensure its quality and your enjoyment.


TYPE: White Table Wine
AREA: Côtes du Rhône, A.C.
GRAPES: Grenache Blanc, 

ALC./VOL.: 12.5%
SIZE: 250 ml.
LCBO #: 496349

RECOMMENDATION: An excellent accompaniment to seafood, shellfish and poultry.
WINEMAKER’S COMMENTS: Pale yellow in colour with a hint of green and a delicate nose.  Dry and supple with fruit flavours and subtle floral notes.  A fresh, light and lively wine.